Look into your kids eyes and really listen when they tell you a story. It changes their world. Leticia Cavallaro

Too busy to really listen to the kids? Don’t be.

There is nothing quite like the joy in kids eyes when they have something to share. You have to really be looking though to see the difference it makes when they know they have 100% of your attention. You can see a little piece of their tender soul glowing. It is truly magical. Don’t ever underestimate what this means to them.

Sometimes I forget to really listen, hurried by the business of life and the next task on the list. It’s times like this though that I realise how sacrilegious that is, and how detrimental it can be to the little people who see us as thier everything.

As often as you can, kneel down (if you still have to) and really look into their eyes. It truly change the way they look at you, how excited they are about what they have to say and reminds them that they are your everything as well.