About Leticia Cavallaro

The story of way back when…

For as long as I can remember, words have been my art. My way of expressing myself and the beautiful things in my life. The words and the art are inescapable and inseparable, relying on each other to create magic. I have fortunately made a successful career out of writing, first as a journalist and now in the world of business and marketing.

Leticia-CavallaroThe idea behind The Business School of Motherhood came to me in the depths of the night. Every minute, day, week, month and year since then it has been a burning passion of mine to complete what might be the most important story I have told in my writing career to date. It is a story of passion and love and hope and resilience and a genuine belief that working mothers are better at their jobs because of their kids. Not worse.

Over the past seven years I have regularly been the go-to person for a lot of my friends and female colleagues who were looking for advice on how to return to the workplace after a period of time on maternity leave. It soon became readily apparent to me that all of these women had one thing in common – they all believed they would no longer be as good at what they did after their stint away, no matter how long they had been on leave. I was crushed and enraged, because I genuinely couldn’t think of anything that was further from the truth.

After counselling hundreds of these woman to believe in themselves and in their skills I decided it was time to do more. To say more and explain in detail what it meant, how to make it all work and how I make use of these skills and beliefs in my job every day. I truly hope you enjoy the read and spread this message of encouragement and empowerment with any other working mother who ever doubts she can no longer succeed. Rylee-Jax

To avoid being a complete bore who only talks about her exciting new book and the awesome little people in it, here’s a snippet of the other stuff that rocks my world:

  • I run to remain sane – it is literally my form of meditation.
  • I live for good food and wine.
  • I love to travel, remembering every place I go based on the amazing food (and probably wine) that I consumed when I was there.
  • I have a small obsession with seeing the sun rise, and set.
  • I have a big obsession with black and white (this may be a birth defect).
  • I love quotes, so much. Back in my journo days a good trawl through quotes would punish any form of crippling writers block I may have been suffering from at the time.
  • I carried the Olympic Torch at the 2000 Sydney games and competed in the Olympic Trials in 2004 – I didn’t make it, but let’s not talk about that right now.
  • I would love to split my time between the beach and the country – I find both environments so enriching, humbling and exhilarating in their own amazing ways.
  • I love animals. All of them. Well, mostly. Cockroaches can go stuff themselves. Disgusting.
  • If I am not learning something new, I am dying a little bit on the inside.
  • There is no better sound than hearing your kids laugh.
  • My favourite swear word is F#*K.
  • I believe everything happens for a reason, even the really shitty things.
  • I am grateful you made it this far down the list… for that I love you and thank you for your support.

If it’s business credentials you would like to know more about, you can find a detailed history on my LinkedIn profile.

x Leticia
Jax, Leticia, Rylee

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