Teachable Moments - Chapter 2 by Leticia Cavallaro

Chapter 2 – Teachable Moments

CHAPTER SNIPPET: If you had very little idea of how to be a teacher (of any kind) before children, you won’t be lacking the skill afterwards. Your little human sponge requires you to be on the ball and in the ‘classroom’ 24/7. You will never work as hard to get things right as you do when you are gifted with the role of developing another person’s life.

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Project Management on Steroids - Chapter 5 by Leticia Cavallaro

Chapter 5 – Project Management on Steroids

CHAPTER SNIPPET: Your capacity to prioritise a list of needs and demands explodes exponentially after becoming a parent. If it didn’t, you would never get anywhere. Ever. And nothing would get done. Ever. Parenting is, at its core, project management on steroids: leading and monitoring a series of small to large campaigns on any given day with the desired outcome being to feed, clothe, entertain, discipline, chauffeur and of course love the children.

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Forgive and Truly Forget - Chapter 8 by Leticia Cavallaro

Chapter 8 – Forgive and Truly Forget

CHAPTER SNIPPET: Having children really tests your patience. From the time they get up until the time they go to bed there is a need that must be filled. It’s enlightening, exhilarating and also exhausting. Amongst it all, kids know exactly what to say to remind you they are a little person who just wants to be loved and forgiven, for their hideous sins.

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The Power of the Star Chart - Chapter 9 by Leticia Cavallaroi

Chapter 9 – The Power of the Star Chart

CHAPTER SNIPPET: Kids can be ruthless mind fuckers who act like they would prefer to be parentless and run riot, but deep down really need a set of strict rules and benchmarks, by which they can strive towards success. I introduce to you the magic of the star chart: a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by which they will be rewarded for good performances and fired from the family if they underperform (well not really, but sometimes that would be a nice reprieve).

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Leading from the Front - Chapter 10 by Leticia Cavallaro

Chapter 10 – Leading from the Front

CHAPTER SNIPPET: As a leader you have to have strength of character, be able to inspire those around you and above all else you need to have a commitment to doing the right thing, for the right reasons. This means building trust by doing what you ask of others before you expect them to reciprocate. Kids teach you this time and time again, as they will be the very first ones to shamelessly call your bluff if you don’t.

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