Don't just plan. Live. Leticia Cavallaro

Be in the moment. 

Countless times in the last few months I have told my mother not to stress about an outcome, to worry more about what lies in between the thought of a plan and the actual outcome. Because, so often the plan and the outcome don’t end up being the same thing.

I learnt this the hard way eight years ago. I stressed myself into oblivion about something that I was certain would happen, and then never did. I wasted time planning for the impossible and panicking about what it would all mean. I lost moments, beautiful moments that I can never get back. Simply because I was worried about the outcome, rather than the daily steps that would contribute to choices… that would end up as an actual outcome. Good or bad.

A moment doesn’t have to represent one second, or a minute. It could be a series of hours or weeks that over the course of your lifetime only represent a moment of all that you have been and done. If you aim to do everything in a way that means a little piece of you is lit up by the time spent, you will live an illuminating life. Sometimes this will hurt… but mostly it will be magical.

On so many occasions in the last two weeks I have truly breathed in every moment. Change is coming, and it wasn’t the change I had expected. It will be incredible and incredibly hard. For so many reasons.

Most importantly though, I have lived it. All of it.

Don’t forge to stop. To breathe. To live. To mark moments in time and let them touch you. You will never regret truly living.

Just be.


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Leticia Cavallaro

Writer. Mother. Marketer. Runner. Seeker of knowledge. Serial thinker. Quote fiend. Addicted to black & white.

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