What passion really means. Leticia Cavallaro

What PERFECT really means. 

I really don’t believe in perfection, only versions of it. In some circumstances the words might shift, but when it comes to work, parenting and love this is what it looks like to me.

Perfect is an important concept that you need to define for yourself, because it is often our barometer for success. If you’re relying on someone else’s definition of what that looks like you might not cherish your own victories quite as much, which can be damaging and unproductive.

Go with the first word that comes to your mind for each of the letters and then think about what that looks like as a group of words. You might need to swap a few out, or maybe you will nail it the first time. Don’t be too quick to dismiss what does first enter your thoughts – often this can tell you one of two things; what you know to be true, or what you know needs to change.

If you come up with a word that you think doesn’t quite fit, ask yourself why it popped into mind. The answer may be that it was just the first word you could think of with that letter… but sometimes it tells you so much more.

In the end, your definition should be something you can own and work towards, so that when you evaluate that “perfect” moment, it truly reflects who you are and what you are aiming to achieve.

How does your acronym read?

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Leticia Cavallaro

Writer. Mother. Marketer. Runner. Seeker of knowledge. Serial thinker. Quote fiend. Addicted to black & white.

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