The Business School of Motherhood by Leticia Cavallaro

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Do you break into an anxious sweat thinking about returning to work after being on maternity leave? Have you ever doubted your ability to do your job as well as you did before kids?

Yes? No, maybe? Well, who could blame you! It can be bloody scary and you wouldn’t be alone in thinking it’s a battle ground that’s worth running from. But you shouldn’t turn and run. Instead, and when you are ready, you should valiantly charge right into the space you occupied before you ventured off into the wild lands of motherhood and know two important
things will become quickly apparent to you when you get there:

1. Your gorgeous little bambino will be A-OK, even though you will miss each other desperately;

2. You will most likely be better at your job now than you were before kids.

Since popping out your little bundle you have developed some pretty awesome new talents. In fact, the sole goal of my book is to show you why becoming a parent doesn’t mean you are suddenly incapable of a) Being at home with your children and simultaneously building career capital by generating new skills in the process, and b) Being a successful parent and
a working professional at the same time.

Through some (hopefully) refreshingly honest parenting stories, humour (if you don’t laugh you go insane) and dozens of practical tips, I will teach you how to turn the tables on your “I’m not good enough anymore” mindset. You’ll discover:

-> How to identify your parenting skills to achieve professional success
-> Why these skills will make you more valuable in the workplace
-> When to use these skills to your advantage

If you’re struggling to identify how to make it all work and lack the confidence to nail it accordingly, this speed-read handbook is hopefully for you.

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