The Business School of Motherhood by Leticia Cavallaro


Do you break into an anxious sweat thinking about returning to work after being on maternity leave? Have you ever doubted your ability to do your job as well as you did before kids? In The Business School of Motherhood, I talk straight about how the life-affirming highs and sometimes soul-crushing lows of parenting can make you more of a weapon in the workplace.

Through refreshingly honest parenting stories, humour (if you don’t laugh you go insane) and dozens of practical tips, I will teach you how to turn the tables on your “I’m not good enough anymore” mindset. You’ll discover:

-> How to identify your parenting skills to achieve professional success
-> Why these skills will make you more valuable in the workplace
-> When to use these skills to your advantage

Since becoming a parent, you have a new layer of awesome that will make you so much more valuable to any business. If you’re struggling to identify how to make it all work and lack the confidence to nail it accordingly, this speed-read handbook is hopefully for you.

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The Business School of Motherhood by Leticia Cavallaro